Tom Menczel arrived in Canada with his family from Hungary in 1957 as a child refugee of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.
Film was the tool that Tom and his father chose to learn English.  They visited movie theatres once a week and saw many movies of varied genres, including Tom’s favorite at the time:  Westerns.

Movies, books, and comics became Tom’s early inspirations, and as a child, he story-boarded many of his favorite movies.  This was his first venture into the art world.

In High School, Tom became interested in the Theatre, and went to University to train as an actor, and later as a Drama Teacher.  Tom has spent 33 years being an actor, director and teacher.  All the while drawing and painting the stories that inspired him.  His subjects as always are the derivatives of life, film, novels and theatre.

Tom brings his theatrical skills to painting.  He casts the characters, designs the sets and costumes, provides props, and he stages and directs these ingredients to produce the drama in each of his pieces.

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